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tv   Immigration  CSPAN  January 20, 2013 1:20pm-2:20pm EST

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not done enough for either side. i think in the beginning it was an issue for him. now he's just like, i am going to be the president. but there are still people who cannot get past that. how does that affect his second term? i have to say, particularly race? guest: the sad reality is, there are some people that -- i do not think we want to make the over the issue of race. there are other people who quite sincerely, for reasons having nothing to do with race,
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believein-the-blank. the larger issue is how we create a political process in which any president -- the last figures. in that, barack obama is not different from his predecessors. the larger question i would suggest to the caller, is the larger issue, how do we create a political process in which for
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finding common ground, rather than punished? host: it is been quoted, behind every great man is a great woman. we look back at every first lady, beginning with martha washington. guest: these were remarkable woman. many of them were more interesting than their husbands. their lives were not defined and limited by political ambition. there are tragic stories among these women. there are lots of unknown stories of great service, great
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sacrifice. women in society generally. we're going to take a look every week for 40 weeks. our web site at we are featuring first lady betty ford. in two and a half years, she didguest: she did. when it became clear they had no choice, she was less than thrilled. she did not change. she said things in that famous interview on "60 minutes" that
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i say today. at a time when americans reconnected to the people in the white house, that candor and openness and honesty. coming clean with her breast cancer surgery. she contributed to saving untold numbers of lives. she said afterwards, that is the first time that i realize the impact a first lady could have. she was in the hospital, listening on the radio to the fact that thousands of women following in her footsteps were getting breast exams, mammograms.
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they were going for check ups inspired by her example. who knows how many lives have been saved as a result? the first words that president carter spoke were to thank his predecessor for all he did for the country. host: a call from columbus, ohio. caller: my name is sandra. i do not think it has to do with black or white issue or republican or democrat. the parents have neglected to be the parents. the family has broken down.
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they do not take their children to church. they let their children walk around with these blue jeans below their behind. they buy them $100 tennis shoes instead of getting good insurance policies with the money, or saving the money for the children. there is no president that can take care of that. some of this has got to start with the home values. these parents have got to step up to the plate and stop trying to be buddy buddy with their children, and be parents. guest: this is a fuzzy area where i think we expect too much of our president. we tend to assume that a president -- how many times have we been told that the president is the most powerful person in the world? presidents spend much more time
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reacting to events that are essentially beyond their control than they do to controlling events. the president may often reflect the popular culture. he may tap into popular culture. it is unrealistic to think that he can dictate or redirect the popular culture. host: do presidents have time to think, reflect? guest: that is an interesting question. he went out of his way to set time aside exactly for that. weekends at camp david, the time he spent at the old executive office rather than the oval office. it is true that the president,
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like any executive, needs time to ponder the long-term implications of what he is doing. anyone who is successful in that office will set aside that time. host: if you were to give advice to president obama for the next four years, what would you tell him? guest: i would not try to give him advice. at the risk of being presumptuous, i would say that the great danger for any second term president, whether you say playing to a legacy or hubris -- on the one hand, you want him to be bold. you want to make history. but you have to calibrate that in some ways against what is
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realistically achieve achievable. it is a tough time for anyone. if he were a republican, i would say the same thing. it is a difficult time for a president raised on stories of the bully pulpit and the ability of a president to set a national agenda. because of the internet, the technology, conflicting conversations that are going on -- people are not listening to the pulpit, or they are competing with it. host: richard norton smith, thank you for being with us. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013]
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>> a look at the martin luther king jr. memorial here in washington d.c. and head of president obama's inauguration tomorrow.
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>> a look at the martin luther king memorial here in washington. president obama was officially sworn in at the white house. the public swearing and it coincides with martin luther king day. they will be using one of the civil rights leaders bible for the swearing in. we'll have live coverage at 7:00 eastern. the president and vice president are expected to go to morning services at st. john's episcopal church. here is more about the church, known as the church of the president. >> located across lafayette square from the white house is st. john's episcopal church,
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known as the church of the president's. built in 1816 and designed by the u.s. capitol architect. every president since james madison has attended at least one service there. we got a tour of the national historic landmark. >> this is the original church pews that have been here since 1843. at that time, they had to read number the pews because they had more of them. what was the president's pugh, no. 28, became no. 54, which we know as the president's pew. this is the pew the president sets in when he attends services at st. john's. on most regular church occasions. it is marked with a brass plaque to let everyone know this is the president's pew. anyone can sit in the pew. is only reserved for the
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president when he chooses to attend a service. not always does the president said in this particular pew. when you have a special occasion when protocol dictates a special service of some kind or funeral or memorial service, the president will sit in the front of the center section. when president obama was inaugurated in 2009, he sat in the very front of the church in pew 62. if you are talking about a regular church service, the president would come in to the eighth street entrance, a walk down the aisle, said in a dispute, and be part of the worship service with the rest of the church. one of the great things about st. john's is this book of common prayer published in 1866. it has embossed upon it,
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president pugh. this book of common prayer was used from president buchanan forward until it was taken out of service when a new edition was published in the 18 eighties. but 1961, laid service was planned at st. john's to recognize the tenants of abraham lincoln, the organist at st. john's found this in the archives and discussed it with church leaders at the time. they thought would be a good idea to have every president still living to sign it and every president that would follow them to sign it as well. so what we have inside this historic book are the signatures of herbert hoover, franklin roosevelt's, which was signed by his wife, harry truman, dwight eisenhower, john
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kennedy, richard nixon, gerald ford, to be carter, ronald reagan, george bush and so on. more recently, george w. bush and barack obama. the tradition has been maintained. at some point, when a new president is elected, st. john's makes an effort to contact that and have them sign this very historic book, which is a very dear item to the church. it does not sit in the president's piu anymore but it is one of those great pieces of history long associated with this church from 1856 to the present. one of the little-known facts about presidential inaugurations is that it has been the custom in modern times to have a church service, a worship service of some kind before the president takes the oath of office. a lot of people feel that is
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something of a longstanding tradition, and it's not. it actually began with franklin roosevelt on march 4, 1943, when he wished to have a worship service take place before he took the zero art -- before he took the oath of office in the depths of the great depression. he contacted the church and organized a special service with his former headmaster who participated with the church in coming up with a special service. they had that service at st. that was the felt way to start. he wrote letters later on saying he felt he got his administration off to the right footing by having that service at st. john's in march of 1933. that plant in the minds of people that this was a good thing to do.
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when roosevelt died, harry truman became president. when harry truman was inaugurated after his election in 1948, he came to st. john's and had a pre inauguration worship service here before he was sworn in for his full term as president. subsequent to that time, other presidents have had pre inaugural services in churches or elsewhere. not necessarily in st. john's, but the tradition began here and it began with franklin roosevelt. that is just one more example of the association of st. john's with presidents and part of the heritage of this building. >> a look at the statue at the
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martin luther king jr. memorial in washington d.c.. tomorrow is martin luther king day and the public inauguration of president obama's second term.
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a look at the martin luther king memorial. president obama was officially sworn in earlier today at the
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white house. we will show the public swearing in tomorrow from the west side of the capital. life inauguration coverage starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern. hosted a brunch for some of the newly elected women of congress. some of them spoke at the event, including elizabeth warren. house democratic leader nancy pelosi addressed the gathering. the congress consists of a record 20 women now serving in the u.s. senate. this is about 45 minutes. first, we will take a look at some of the events today, including the swearing in of vice president biden.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, the vice-president of the united states and dr. by and accompanied by supreme court justice sonya sotomayor. [applause] >> and the vice-president has asked we bless this occasion
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with prayer. so let us pray. the profit micah proclaims you have been told what is good and what the lord require review. only to do justice and love good this and what horribly with your guide. gracious god, at this moment in our history, we ask your blessing on your servant joseph as he renews his sacred pledge to his country. amid all the complexities of our world, a world so beautiful but also broken, give him a share of your wisdom so he can know what is good and give him the courage to do what is always right. what close by him so he can do justice and labor tirelessly for a more just and gentle world. empower him to be a voice without a voice, for those on
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the margins, those so easily overlooked for you will judge assault by how we care for the least among us. continue to give him the ability to always call upon you in times of need and with the gift of faith given to him by his church and family, helped him to always know of your presence. lord, protect our president and vice president and their families in their service to us all. finally, we thank you for the blessings of peace and liberty. we honor the sacrifices of our foreign service and civil service who safeguard these blessings daily. we renew our pledge as citizens to join them in that noble labor to always work for the common good. so help us to set aside self- interest and meet one another on a common ground on which you call us.
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you have given us so much and we, we offer these gifts in the greater glory, eight men -- in the greater glory, awen. >> are you ready questor >> i am. >> place your hand on the bible and repeat after me -- i, joseph r. biden jr. do solemnly swear. >> i joseph r. biden jr. do solemnly swear. >> it that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states, against all enemies foreign and domestic. >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> that i will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental observation -- mental reservation or purpose of evasion. >> and i will well and
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faithfully discharge. >> and i will well and faithfully discharge. >> the duties of the office on which i am about to enter, so help me god. >> congratulations. >> thank you. [applause] >> madam justice, these are some of my friends and family. i want to explain to you what a wonderful honor it was and how much out of her way the justice had to go. she is due in new york.
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she has to go right now. her car is waiting so she can catch a train. i hope i have not caused her to miss. i am going to meet the president to do the traditional laying of the wreath at the tomb over in arlington. we are having breakfast. they tell me in 40 minutes. i hope some of you will still be here. i thank you very, very much for sharing this moment with jill and me. madam justice, it has been a great honor. thank you. [applause]
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>> please remain behind the rail.
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>> please raise your right hand and repeat after me. i , hussein obama do saab -- do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states and will to the best of my ability preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states, so help me god.
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>> congratulations, mr. president. >> thank you very much. [applause] i did it. thank you, everybody. >> a look now at the people gathered at the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington d.c. where a group is gathered singing gospel music and music from the civil rights era.
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>> taking a look of singers gathered here at the mlk memorial. tomorrow is mlk day and the inauguration of barack obama's second term. we will have the parade and inauguration, our live coverage starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern. and now to the family's lunch breakfast. some of them spoke at the event, including senator elisabeth warren and a senator tammy baldwin. nancy pelosi also addressed the gathering. the 113th congress consist of a record 120 women serving in the house and senate. [applause] >> it good morning, everyone.
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thank you very much. good morning, everyone. thank you. this being a sunday morning, i want to begin by saying this is the day got has made, let us rejoice and be glad. let us rejoice and be glad as we gather here in the white house, barack obama is being sworn in officially as the president of the united states. [applause] that earlier this day, joe biden was bork -- was sworn in as vice president of the united states. and tomorrow, it will be ceremonial, but today it is official. what a great day. and at what a great day that we are celebrating emily's list's success and strength in numbers.
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women leading the way. isn't that exciting? 15 more democratic women in the united states senate. that is remarkable. in this cycle, with emily's list's help, 18 more democratic women in the house, bringing our no. 261 women in the house. how are some people going to reach women voters. we are asking them to serve. we're asking them to have a seat at the table. that is why of the congress of the united states that was just sworn in two weeks ago there was a minority congress fear .
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they have a seat at the head of the table. they have at the head of the table. isn't she spectacular? she was talking about a strategic thinking. we're talking about success. none of this would be possible is.hout th
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what this has done in its history has been chance formative for our country. there are making people more aware. every issue is our issue. a two-year anniversary of lilly lead better legislation. -- ledbetter.
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now we have an agenda to go forward. if women are in the congress and committee. we will have to deal with issues like the safety of our children. thank you for making this a part of your agenda. you will have to be dealing with the issue that relates to violence against women. we need to pass that legislation. we have to deal with jobs.
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i want to say a personal banks. if we did not have some many women in the congress we never would have the first woman speaker of the house. you haven't seen that the net. having strength and numbers for women leading the way are helping to change the playing field. i promise you this.
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it increases the level of stabilitcivility in politics. we will change the environment in which politics is being conducted. we will elect many more women to public office. that is a very good thing for our country.
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>> out as a young mother. i got a solicitation letter from a group of women who said they were getting organized to get more women elected for public office. i thought that is a powerful idea. about 25 years later. people are taught about how i should grow wings and fly. she said he should do this. i can show you how and i can promise if you do emily's list will be with you every step of the way.
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i and the senator from the commonwealth of massachusetts. >> i am cleric paschal -- claire mccaskill. the energy in this room is amazing. i am taking it with me. i will draw upon it many times over the next six years when there are tough votes ahead.
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many people heard of todd a a senator or as statewide official. i was the doctor of the first woman elected to the council in the town -- daughter of the first woman ever elected to the council the town ichor up in. i knew what it took. it was not a mystery. willing to take risks and hard work. before anyone had heard of todd akin, she said she could not win. the terrain is too tough in a red stain like missouri. of-- state like misery. i said i have a plan. they did not listen. many did not return my calls. then there was emily's list. they listened.
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they returned my calls. stephanie and her team of hundreds and thousands of women across the country said we support what you are doing. we understand your plan. they got it. if this helps the extreme type a and when the republican primary that could be a gift for every candidates in the country by exposing his extreme views to the united states of america. it worked. list, the power of many. they stand for the proposition. a little bit can mean a lot. they work the voters. they talk to women voters. they gave us strength and
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support. i thank you all from the bottom of my heart. i am very proud to be emily. >> good morning. i was raised the kansas city, missouri. when i think of morning i expect a response. good morning. i am from kansas city. i have gotten to work at image list for several years were i was able to support and recruit candidates -- emily's list for several years where i was able to support and recruit candidates. the results are always there. when anything i was asked to do was to step up.
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this year i got to serve on the presidential election campaign. many people ask how you deal with women's outreach into is the money. i often say i came by it honestly. i stand here on the shoulders of the women who come before here who never thought they could see an african-american president. stand up.
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who is emily? i am family. i know all of you are and millie, it too. -- emily, too. >> good morning. you might be surprised to hear a man named jack say "i am emily." i work at the gay and lesbian victory fund. we learned a lot from them is less about how to recruit and support candidates. -- emily's list about how to recruit and support candidates. i met no bigger fighters for progressive values in emily's list women. victory fund supported 180 candidates at all levels. nothing was like the pinnacle of
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all those races when we teamed up with emily's list to help elect the first out signature in the history of the united states. -- senate hurt in the history of the united states. the partnership between emily's list and victory fund was like nothing we had done before. we made history. when tammy baldwin was elected in madison, wisconsin that glass ceiling shattered. it was amazing. the first woman senator in the history of wisconsin. i hope you can imagine what her victory meant to gay and lesbian americans, especially to young
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people. i am enemy because i know she removed barriers for all of us. [applause] >> hello. i served as the granite state along with our democratic senator and our democratic congresswoman. it is fair to say that all of us and answer to the name even our other united states senator is a woman. that means new hampshire is the
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first state in our country's history to be represented in congress and the governor's office entirely by women. that is not happen by accident. it happened because thousands of years workedany y hand-in-hand to get women elected. it is because emily's list helped me when i was in the state senate. i even hired an emily's list staffer to manage my campaign. thank you matt burgess for a great campaign. we all turned out the women's vote. and they voted in overwhelming numbers for democratic candidates across the country.
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i have a big dog in front of me. i know i am not a loan there are a lot of families in my life. -- families in my life. we can see what we accomplish when we work together. in our family we are all emily. thank you. >> i have worked with emily's list for a very long time. in 1994 when i ran statewide for the first time in office that has never been held by a woman democrat, emily's office was there.
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i had the pleasure of being one of the girls on the bus as we toured across the southern tier of colorado. we're talking about how important that state was. we ate pizza together. we drank a few adult beverages together. it made a big difference. we read able to spread the news. i learned once you are emily you are emily forever. i am so delighted to have a chance to say that family and not only inspired me but now is
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inspiring a whole generation of new candidates, men and women, if you will change this country forever. i am here because i am emily and i will be emily forever. >> i am a military spouse from the great state of michigan, home of the governor jennifer. as we will be representing michigan tamara's inaugural parade. i seen the struggles are military families in door and the importance of making sure our government protect and serve as those who protect and serve us. as an attorney and a dean of one of the top law schools in the
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midwest, i run an institution that promote access to justice and six to train the next generation of leaders and public servants. early support from emily's list help me raise my voice and share my story. the staffer came to michigan looked me in the eye and said he knew i had what it took to win. thanks to her support i was able to earn more votes than any other democratic candidates in the state of michigan. electing pro-choice democratic women meet early support an early investment in young female candidates. a meat nurturing us, our careers, and strengthening our aby


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